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Assault and Sexual Abuse Attorney

You have the right to hold someone personally responsible if they assault you. Whether it was a neighbor, an x-spouse, a co-worker, or a complete stranger, you have the right to recover from that person for your physical injuries, your long term emotional injuries and other losses stemming from the assault.

No one should have to live his or her life in fear. Victims of abuse have rights. And everyone who commits such heinous acts should be held personally responsible.

Assault cases require knowledgeable experts in areas such as medicine, vocational rehabilitation, economics and mental health professionals. They also require an attorney who is sensitive to the injuries of his client and who knows how to deliver results.

Founding partner Ronn Elzinga has decades of experience as an advocate on behalf of his clients who have been victimized. If you’ve been assaulted call Elzinga Law and ask to speak to Ronn Elzinga. Call (503) 222-2033 for a free, confidential consultation. He’ll fight for you.

Auto Accident Attorney

The Truth About Auto Accident Victims

Auto accident victims face medical bills, lost wages, and potentially life long medical conditions as a result of their injuries. We have seen how the injuries from these collisions can have a life long impact on a person’s quality of living. And while there is no way to restore what has been taken away by the carelessness of another driver, recovering a fair and just financial compensation that meets the needs of our clients is an important component of the healing process.

With more than 20 years of litigation experience, we have seen all the tricks the insurance companies use to avoid paying a fair and just compensation. The truth is, if you are injured, you are not in good hands with Allstate and, unlike a good neighbor, State Farm will not be there for you when you need help.

For two decades Elzinga & Associates has worked to force billion dollar insurance companies to practice the Golden Rule: To treat others as they would want to be treated. Elzinga & Associates is dedicated to pursue justice for our clients.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

No one wants to file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, in our present economy, more and more good people are being forced to go bankrupt often at no fault of their own. Whether because of being downsized or divorced, because of mounting medical bills or a looming foreclosure, more Oregonians are facing the need for bankruptcy’s financial fresh start than ever before.

Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision that more than one million Americans make every year. Sometimes it is the only way to save your home or stop debt collectors from their endless harassment.

However, you may not need to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorney Ronn Elzinga has helped hundreds of Oregonians avoid bankruptcy by offering free financial strategies that may help you get on strong financial footing and avoid having to go bankrupt.

For those who do need a fresh financial start, bankruptcy attorney Ronn Elzinga can clearly explain the entire bankruptcy process from start to finish and answer all of your bankruptcy related questions.

If you are facing a possible bankruptcy, talk to bankruptcy attorney Ronn Elzinga today. Call him at (503) 222-2033 for a free consultation.

Elzinga Law is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the new bankruptcy law.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accident Attorney Portland, Oregon

Motorcycle and bicycle cases take special care from a law firm which is sensitive to the unique challenges faced when pursuing justice for our clients. Both motorcycle and bicycle accident victims are often wrongly assumed by juries to be at fault. Ronn Elzinga, as a former high school and college educator, is especially skilled at “teaching” juries to overcome their own unjustified biases.

As a long time licensed motorcyclist himself, Ronn Elzinga doesn’t have to be taught the challenges that fellow motorcycle riders have to overcome every day they ride. Ronn is also a bicycle enthusiast who regularly participates in both organized distance rides as well as enjoying recreational rides with his family or to the office and back home. He is cognoscente of the many challenges facing riders in the urban centers.

Portland Business Attorney

Business Litigation Teamwork - We're in this Together

As business litigation grows in complexity, relationships based on trust and respect are more important than ever. Close-working relationships between a business and its attorney is at the heart of the Elzinga & Associates business philosophy. Your business attorney should not just know the law; your business attorney should also know your business. We pride ourselves on knowing the business of each of our clients so that we can provide the most cost-effective, problem resolution possible.

Elzinga & Associates represent individuals and corporate clients who conduct a wide range of business matters throughout Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and throughout the Western United States.

If you are in business it is only a matter of time before you will be involved in a business dispute which requires the attention of an experienced business attorney. Whether it is a contract dispute, an unpaid bill, or an unfair lawsuit by a competitor, Elzinga & Associates can provide your business with an experienced and skilled advocate to vigorously protect your rights and interests.

When you are involved in a business or commercial dispute that is headed for litigation, there is no better weapon in your arsenal than the Elzinga & Associates business litigation team.

Ronn Elzinga has represented individuals and businesses in commercial disputes in all the western states, Canada and Mexico. Talk to Ronn today. Call him at (503) 222-2033 for a free consultation.

Consumer Protection Attorney Portland Oregon

Elzinga & Associates is a law firm dedicated to protecting the consumer rights of Oregonians who are victims of consumer fraud. We have decades of experience in advocating on behalf of our clients against large corporations and organizations.

Founding partner Ronn Elzinga served the people of Oregon as a Special Assistant Attorney General, hand picked by the Attorney General himself, to fight for the protection of consumer rights in Oregon. Ronn took on fraudulent businesses backed by organized crime syndicates. He and his team will fight for you. Call Ronn Elzinga today for a free consultation. (503) 222-2033.

Portland Estate Planning Attorney

Wills, Trusts and Estates

We understand that, perhaps more than any other legal area, your estate planning involves intensely personal issues for you. Estate planning requires you to plan for your future, your eventual death, and to deal with difficult family matters. We are sensitive to those issues as we provide sound, personal legal advice to help our you ensure that your wishes are carried out.

The Surprising Truth About Your Will

It may surprise you that everyone has a will, whether they have signed one or not. The state of Oregon has created a will for you if you do not have one of your own.

But who is in charge of your estate and, most importantly, who is in charge of your children are not decisions that should be made by the government. These are intensely personal issues which should be decided only by you.

We think that every person should have their own individualized will that is specific to their unique situation. We go out of our way to make wills easily affordable while making the process as simple and convenient as possible. And Elzinga Law provides free wills to people currently enlisted in military service.

Elzinga & Associates believes that an estate plan should ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones efficiently and in a cost effective manner. An estate plan should protect both your assets and your loved ones.

Elzinga & Associates provide a unique basic estate planning package consisting of the three documents every person should have: a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and an Advanced Directive. This package costs less than most law firms charge for a single will.

Call Elzinga & Associates today about your estate planning needs. For a free consultation with an estate planning attorney call (503) 222-2033.

Portland Medical Malpractice Attorney


Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for an portland personal injury lawyer? Elzinga & Associates LLC handles a large variety of accident cases throughout the Pacific Northwest. We regularly deal with serious injuries resulting from car accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, and wrongful death matters. Elzinga & Associates is a serious law firm for serious injuries.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured it’s important for you to seek compensation for costs associated with the injury, including medical expenses, missed work, and pain and suffering. Elzinga & Associates has successfully represented clients who were injured in motor vehicle accidents - or suffered injury due to medical malpractice, prescription errors, falls, and sexual crimes. We’ve also won substantial monetary awards for the families of victims of wrongful death. As part of our thorough and aggressive representation of your interests, we have relationships with experts in the field of medicine, engineering, and crime or accident reconstruction. These experts serve as advisers or provide testimony in court. As a small firm we are able to give our clients and their cases the personal attention they deserve.  Our mission is to serve our clients first and we maintain open lines of communication so you’re involved in every decision and kept up-to-date on the progress of your case. And, in most instances, you pay nothing for our services until we win a monetary award for you. Let’s discuss your case. Phone 503-222-2033 to arrange a free consultation.

Portland Probate Attorney

Probate is the legal process of following and completing the wishes of a loved one after they have passed away. It is a deeply painful experience to lose a loved one. It can be a time of confusion, not knowing what steps to take with the estate, what bills to pay, how to pay them, and what to do with the assets.

It is times like this that an experienced probate attorney can serve you best. If that is a situation you face, call the law firm of Elzinga & Associates  and talk to an attorney at no cost. Call (503) 222-2033 for a free consultation today.

Portland Wrongful Death Attorney

When a loved one dies it is a deeply painful experience for that person’s loved ones. When the death is the fault of another person’s negligence and could have been avoided, the pain is magnified that much more.

In that situation, justice requires that close surviving family members be compensated for their loss of love, affection, for their grief, and for the economic losses they experience as a result of their loved one’s passing.

A jury award can never truly make up for the painful loss experienced by family members, but if another is at fault for so great a loss, that person’s insurance company must be made to do the right thing and offer a fair, maximum settlement or face a successful jury trial.

Ronn Elzinga has dedicated his legal career to forcing insurance companies to practice the Golden Rule: To treat others the same way you want to be treated.  Talk to Ronn today. Call (503) 222-2033 for a free consultation.

Q: Do I need to file a DMV accident report? A: If you believe that there is more than $1,000 damage or if there has been an injury to either party, no matter how minor, then a DMV accident report should be filed within 72 hours of the collision. Q: If I do not experience pain for some time after the collision, what should I do? A: Seek medical attention as soon as you experience any pain or discomfort. Advise your doctor that you were involved in a collision. Be sure to alert your doctor to all of your symptoms and areas of pain so the doctor can make an accurate evaluation of your injuries. Q: Who will pay my medical costs? A: If you have auto insurance, you also have personal injury protection (PIP) under that policy. Under the PIP you are entitled to be reimbursed for your medical expenses up to a minimum of $10,000 and/or up to one year from the date of your injury. If you have additional medical expenses after you have reached the limit of your PIP coverage, your health carrier will pay the remaining medical expenses typically. Your health carrier will hold you responsible for medical expenses not covered under the PIP coverage. Q: Where should I have my vehicle repaired? A: You may take your vehicle to any mechanic or body shop of your choice. I advise my clients to obtain at least two estimates for repair before any work is begun and to advise their insurance company of the estimates before work is done to their vehicle. If you are using your own insurance company, your car may be repaired up to the car’s fair market value less your deductible. Your deductible can then be collected from the person who damaged your vehicle. There will be no deductible if the insurance carrier of the person who damaged your vehicle agrees to pay for the damages. Q: How can I receive the fair value for my totaled vehicle? A: You are not required to accept the insurance company’s evaluation of your vehicle. I recommend to my clients that they gather all invoices and photographs that may indicate improvements and extras to their vehicle. I also suggest they go through classified sections on automobiles and cut out vehicles for sale that are similar to theirs. If the vehicle was purchased recently, the purchase price will be a strong indication of the vehicle’s value. Q: What about a replacement vehicle for the time being? A: Check with your insurance company or review your policy to see if you have coverage for this expense. If not, you may rent a vehicle of comparable value to your own, pay for it out of your own pocket, and then attempt to collect it from the insurance company of the driver who damaged your vehicle. Q: What about lost income as a result of my injuries? A: Your insurance carrier may provide you with 70% of your lost income during the time you are off work, with a maximum payment of $1,250 per month. This benefit will terminate upon return to your usual occupation or 52 weeks, whichever occurs first. The remainder of wage loss may be collected from the driver of the vehicle who caused your injury. Q: I received a form from my insurance company regarding personal injury protection (PIP). The document authorizes my insurance company to obtain medical information from my doctor and wage information from my employer. Should I sign and return the document to my insurance company? A: To collect from your PIP insurance you must obtain from your insurer a PIP application form. Because the form asks for information about the collision, your injuries, and income loss, and because it may even ask about past collisions and injuries, it is important that your attorney either prepare this form for you or help you fill it out. This form may be obtained through the legal process known as “discovery” by those defending the person who caused your injuries, so it is important that the document be reviewed by your attorney. Q: My insurance company has asked me to meet with them and make a statement regarding the collision. Should I meet with them? A: The statement you give your insurance company may be discoverable by those defending the person who caused your injury and may be used against you in court. Your attorney should prepare you in advance for this meeting to make sure you know what questions will be asked and to be sure your answers will be clear, concise, honest, and place you in a favorable light. Q: The insurance company of the person who caused my injuries want to meet with me and ask questions about the collision. Should I consent to this meeting? A: This is your decision and it is an important one. If you choose to have an attorney represent you, it will typically be a fairly rare situation where your attorney will allow you to make such a statement. However, if you choose to handle the matter on your own, you will probably need to communicate with the insurance company about your injuries in the fact of the collision prior to settlement? Q: What is the time limit for settlement? A: Generally the time limit for settling a personal injury matter is two years from the date of the collision. There are some exceptions including injuries to minors, suing governmental agencies, and certain claims against public bodies. It is important to discuss these time limits with an attorney. Q: How soon should I consider settling my claim? A: I recommend that no one settle a personal injury claim until they have been released by their doctor and declared “medically stationary”. Q: How do I know the value of my claim? A: The straight answer is you probably don’t. If you are not at fault for the collision, you have the right to economic damages and non economic damages. Economic damages are monetary losses including medical bills, loss of income, past and future impairment of earning capacity, and incurred costs due to loss of use of property. Non economic damages are non monetary losses including pain, emotional distress, loss of care, loss of companionship, and inconvenience or interference with normal and ususal activities. Q: Should I consult with an attorney? A: Definitely. Many reputable personal injury attorneys in Oregon will consult for free with a victim of a collision. I recommend individuals write out their questions beforehand to make the best use of their free consultation. Q: Should I hire an attorney? A: It is possible that your claim is small enough and manageable by you without the necessity of hiring an attorney to represent you. However, there are many benefits to hiring an attorney: 1. Your own personal attorney can concentrate on your case and discuss questions with you at any time. 2. An attorney has the expertise to guide you through the complex claims process regarding both your insurance company and the at fault driver’s insurance company. 3. An attorney will be able to protect and preserve your rights under the law. 4. An attorney will be able to fairly value your claim so that you will receive the just and equitable settlement. 5. In the event the liability insurance company is unreasonable, an attorney will know how to file a lawsuit in the applicable time and pursue your case through the litigation process. Q: Can’t I trust the insurance company to give me a fair settlement? A: No. That will not happen. An insurance company exists for one primary reason: to make money. The way they make money is to take in premiums and invest them, and to pay out as little as possible on claims. That is the sole job of the adjuster. Being fair to victims is not in their best interest. I hope that you have found these questions and answers useful. If you have further questions that this letter does not answer, please feel free to give me a call at 503-222-2033. I give free consultations.