Wrongful Death Attorney

When You Need A Compassionate Fighter

When a loved one dies it is a deeply painful experience for that person’s loved ones. When the death is the fault of another person’s negligence and could have been avoided, the pain is magnified that much more.

In that situation, justice requires that close surviving family members be compensated for their loss of love, affection, for their grief, and for the economic losses they experience as a result of their loved one’s passing.

A jury award can never truly make up for the painful loss experienced by family members, but if another is at fault for so great a loss, that person’s insurance company must be made to do the right thing and offer a fair, maximum settlement or face a successful jury trial.

Ronn Elzinga has dedicated his legal career to forcing insurance companies to practice the Golden Rule: To treat others the same way you want to be treated. Talk to Ronn today. Call (503) 222-2033 for a free consultation.


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